I have a serious problem.  My

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I have a serious problem.  My family and I have recently moved and we would love to bring our baby with us but the landlord would charge us by the month to keep him.  He isn’t one just yet and he is very playful and very protective of his owners.  We had him living with a relative but they have a lot of company which leads him to barking.  We would prefer to give him away or give him to a shelter that will be able to find him a home instead of putting him to sleep but I don’t know of any in my area that are taking pits in, can someone please recommend a shelter too us because he is a beautiful dog and we would rather he protect someone else than be put to sleep.  We live in Hephzibah, GA and if anyone knows someone that would like a pit and that would take excellent care of him please let me know as soon as possible.