I have a question for


I have a question for anyone…. I have been buying the nylabone with the mint in the middle so its green in the middle and the creamy color on the ends. The seem to be lasting for a month or so but I can’t tell if Kira (my main chewer) is actually eating it or it just get worn down from her constant chewing. Is it safe or should I stop giving it to her? Also I noticed some of you have said you use bully sticks and real bones or hooves. Are those safe for them to ingest? My guess is no but I was just wondering what others had to say. I had also posted earlier about my male pit Ace destorying his Kong. Well I got him the x-large size and now he loves it. I put the Kong filler in it and he goes crazy of course he expects me to hold it for him lol. But I think the first size was to small for him.