I have a female (almost 2yrs)

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I have a female (almost 2yrs) and a male (2yrs). I’m curious as to what the smell smells like? Kira has never had a smell to her skin and bathes work great. Ace can get a bath and things he lays on smells like a dirty dog. Sometimes that just comes from them licking themselves too. However Kira is somewhat deformed in her rear area (sounds disturbing I know) but she can’t empty her anal glands very well on her own. If you have never smelled that then oh man it will knock you off your feet..lol. Example of it is the worst wrotten smelling fish you could smell. I would take her to the vet and the vet would empty them. I didn’t discover this until she was laying on my now ex husband and he was complaining of this horrible smell and I didn’t smell it but he got up and his shirt was a little wet and the couch. So I cleaned her up and ask the vet about it and that is what it was (anal glans emptying). Thank god it was on him lol. So that could be an issue too.