I have a blind cat and


I have a blind cat and another kitten and I just introduced them to Riley, my pit bull mix. (3/4 pit bull, 1/4 German shepherd) The best solution was to confine the cats to a room where there was a crack under the door. The dog was sniffing and scratching and we just went on with life, after a while he got over it. We left it like that for a week or so and then we started to open the door but put up 2 baby gates (one on top of the other so the dog couldn’t jump over) and we closed the door when we weren’t around to supervise. Then Riley could see the cats but couldn’t chase them. As before, he got over it after a while (though he was extremely curious and a little crazy at first.) The cats became a part of the scenery. After that, we started letting the cats and the dog interact without a barrier. Whenever Riley was too excited with the cats, we gave him a very sharp reprimand and a spank (not a hit! Don’t hit!! just a little tap on the butt to get his attention and make a clear point.) When he was good, we praised him excessively and gave occasional treats. After a while the cats and Riley had virtually no issues. Throughout the whole process we rewarded good behavior and reprimanded when necissary. One more tip that helps alot is to make sure your dog is tired out every time he meets the cats. Less energy to focus on them can go a long way. Basically, we introduced them slowly over a long period of time in a situation where they could see and smell each other but not make any contact until we felt like they were ready. Good Luck!