I have a 2year old pit that I


I have a 2year old pit that I rescued when she was 3 months old.I also have 3 cats,and everyone I know has dogs,cats,or both.I am a groomer, and Lillie has been socialized since I got her.She is basically “dog tolerant”,and has lots of doggie friends that she grew up with.I have a woman I groom for,and she has a 2 yr. old pit,a 2yr. old yorkie,and a 6month old yorkie that all get along well.The best thing to do is always supervise your dogs,socialize from day one with other dogs,and any other animals that you can.And,probably the most important things are:always leash your dog,and steer clear of dog parks(only because if anything happens,your dog will most likely be blamed,even if they didn’t do anything).But,it is absolutely possible that your dogs will get along,especially if one is a puppy,and raised with other animals.