I have a 14 month old male

raisins mom

I have a 14 month old male shepherd who is not neutered and my 8 month old pitbull who is neutered. They wrestle and chase eachother all the time. When we brought home Raisin he had to be crated due to his kennel cough and medications so that is how the spent the first week just checking eachother out through the crate. Now when one leaves the other crys and paces looking for their buddy. The SPCA trainer said they have different play styles which may cause problems but so far I guess I’m lucky.

My thoughts is to just keep taking Raisin to as many places as I can. We visit Petsmart then PetCo even if not shopping just so he can see people and other dogs. And he pulls sometimes at other dogs. I just redirect his attention with treats and I say “friend” when people or unknown dogs are around. Who knows if it helps but doesnt hurt to try right? = )