I have 6 pits and I will


I have 6 pits and I will admit it is a lot of work but well worth every minute of it. They all get along, I feed all of them together but only when I’m there. Occasionally there will be a little growl but all I have to do is say hey in that voice that they know to quit. I work 8 hours a day so I need my babies to be very tired when I leave. Walks and playing catch with them in the yard works very well. And by walks I mean an hour long walk. I walk 2 at a time now and am about to try 3. eventually I intend to be able to walk all of them togehter. I work at Petsmart as a groomer so my dogs visit there a lot. Socialing is the most important thing you can do for your dog. Dog aggression should never be allowed. A little can turn into a lot then you have a problem.