I have 2 pit bulls and they

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I have 2 pit bulls and they love to play but, they get too rough with each other. I have noticed if I let them go outside at the same time they will go way in the back of the yard where I can’t see them so they can play. (too rough) I don’t let them outside together unless they are calm before they go out. If they have a whole bunch of energy they are going to act bad. It seems like if I’m standing right by them and they are being supervised they are fine. I don’t let them be alone together at all. If I can’t be in the same area they are to watch them I crate one of them. They act like children and have to be supervised at all times. Make sure when you go outside with them they are calm and you go outside before them. When you get out side make sure you are standing right by them. It’s a good idea to take them out seperately at least once a day. It gives them a little one on one time with you. If they give you too much of a problem don’t let them outside together until u can keep them from fighting all the time. For some reason when my dogs get out side they think they can do what they want and I have to remind them that they cant!! Good Luck. And yes walking definately can’t hurt. I walk both my dogs at least once a day and it really really helps.