I have 2 males 1 that is blue

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I have 2 males 1 that is blue and another that looks more like a tiger then a dog so I get alot of ppl stopping and asking me to stud them out which I will not do. The controversial part about breeding is b/c of those ppl who don’t even care about pits to begin with. I will not let my dog breed with a female who does not want to. I’ve heard of people holding a female down so the boy can do the trick, or even use a tool calleda “raper”. That is NOT right. Also alot of breeders will let brothers and sisters get caught up. That is part of the reason pits have such a bad rep if you have ever met a pit that was bred of incest they are 10 times crazier and alot of the times mean. The only female my blue boy has ever had pups by is a white female who can only have 2 pups at a time. Each of my 4 grandpups have went to great homes and I know their owners. I can’t imagine giving a pit bull to a person that would fight them or abuse them.