I have 2 APBT and while


I have 2 APBT and while having 2 is great its also intimidating. before we got our second dog i set up some personal rules for myself so that the chances of them getting aggressive are slim. i only let 1 dog eat at a time. they have not fought over food yet but it only takes a second. i also make sure i dont leave them alone for long periods of time in the same place. just know what your dog likes or dosnt like and use that. Doja hates when other dogs lick her feet. so whenever i see mary jane too close i warn her. I go with my instincts and step in when i think its getting heated. but the more you relax the more they will relax so just take it easy and if they start to play a little rough break it up.

*Just like kids; if you haven’t heard from them in a few minutes you better go check…