I hate stupid people.  For

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I hate stupid people.  For all those people who are so ignorant and think pits are just nasty and mean and dangerous, I wish we could pettition for illegalizing stupidity because of the negative it effects it has on our society.  This is obviously a problem due to the mistreatment by total jerks.  It sucks so bad that your family and this little girl are now having to deal with this because somebody can’t play golf.  Don’t give up hope, keep trying to get a hold of the rescues.  I have a couple suggestions.  First, punch anybody who tries to hurt your dog again!  Jk, jk, don’t do that!  Do keep her out of the way of those agressive golfers though.  Also, try having your husband feed and care for her.  If she associates him with happy things, then she may be less apt to feel leary.  You will need to be careful with anything you do because you certainly don’t want to risk your husband!  I would say that she’s having a trust crisis.  Have him love on her, give her treats, feed her, brush her, anything she will COMFORTABLY let him do to regain that bond.  Additionally, try walking her on a leash side by side.  Let him be far enough away that, if she wanted to lunge at him she couldn’t reach and just walk down the street, side by side.  Let her relax while walking with him.  However, DO NOT reward any tense or agressive behavior.  He should carry the treats and reward her for walking calmly and relaxed, but you should be the one to correct her if she does something wrong, rather than him while her trust is still fragile.  I have confidence that he will be able to regain her trust with a little time and effort.  However, I would caution.  She may never behave the same towards strange men.  I would be VERY cautious with her around other people, at least until you are confident that she will not be aggressive.