I had the same issue with

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I had the same issue with Layla. When I adopted her from the humane society she wouldn’t get in my car. Like you I suspected it was because she was given up twice. She hated the car, that was until I took her to the vet. I know that sounds very strange but she LOVED the vet. It was just a meet and greet. She loves people and loves being with other dogs. Since she wasn’t sick she had a blast. The vet and all of the ladies in the office knew what kind of dog she is and they didn’t have an issue, in fact I couldn’t get them to stop loving on her, getting on the floor with her, and giving her treats. Before I took her to the vet I tried the treat trick which didn’t work, tried short drives in which I would just drive around the neighborhood and come home, didn’t work. Went to the neighbors several times, that didn’t work either. The vet is what did the trick. We then went to the dog groomers and went home. We were away from home a total of 4 hours. While getting groomed I had to leave her and come back to get her, (the groomers loved her too said she was so well behaved and sweet). Now if I say wanna go for a ride she jumps around in circles. I think because she went to a place that she was extremely happy, (the vet of all places), and the fact that we were in a long ride and I still brought her home made her realize that I am keeping her. Keep plugging away. Try to find a place that she is going to have a blast, take her there. Build up to a longer ride and be gone for a while. It helped my girl, maybe it will help yours. =)