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I had my first encounter with ignorant people today. I got home and found a note from my neighbor discussing my “overly agressive” dogs. Let me explain the situation….
My dog is known for going a little crazy when she’s outside and she hears other dogs. Because of her tendency to jump on fences with all her weight, we installed an invisible fence that runs in front of the real fence. It protects the fence and forces my bully to stay a foot away from it. She still runs like a mad woman when the neighbors’ dogs are outside and even barks like a fool. You all know how a bully barks… it can sound fierce even when it’s not meant that way.
Well, a couple weeks ago Raleigh’s battery in her fence collar died. We didn’t realize it at the time. We hadn’t had any issues with the fence up until this point. Next thing I know, I see her pushing her head through the fence… the boards had been broken. From my view I could see the neighbor’s Boxer standing right on the other side. Not thinking anything of it, I hauled Raleigh back inside and then checked her collar. BINGO! Her collar was dead… changed the battery, problem fixed.
Now, the neighbor is complaining that it was my dog that broke the fence and is concerned with the “overly aggressive behavior” that my dog exhibits. I am sure that Raleigh aided in breaking the fence but I also know that she wouldn’t have charged the fence unless she sensed that another dog was right on the other side… which he was! Feeling guilty, I have offered to pay for a portion of the fence.
Additionally, the neighbor is upset that my pit puppy is sticking his nose through the bottom of the fence where there is a gap between the fence and the ground. NOT MY PROBLEM! I didn’t install the fence. She claims that she’s had to push my dog’s face back into my yard etc… and that concerns her because of her dogs.

Why is it that people automatically target pit bulls as “overly agressive” and dangerous? I know they get a bad rep because of what they hear on tv and in the newspapers, but this lady hasn’t even met my dogs. Yes, my older one is loud and does seem a little wild but it’s more enthusiasm and energy than her being mean. I know that and I think she would too if she took the time to get to know them. Instead, she wants to automatically blame my dogs for everything when I’ve seen her dogs up against the fence in a supposed “restricted” area.

I despise ignorant people. I wish they would get the facts before making comments and judging others!