I had/have the same problem.

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I had/have the same problem. The younger of my girls, Georgia gets so excited when someone comes in the house! My husband and I got her to stop jumping on us fairly quick but our friends seem to ignore our rules for coming in the house. If you come in and walk right by her and don’t acknoledge her she will sit down or just rub around your legs but if you come in and start pushing her down and yelling at her to get down she just jumps even more. Few friends who abide by these rules have no problem with her jumping on them. My husband has a 2 year old son and we got Georgia when he was about 9 months old and she has never tried to jump on him. The water bottle did not work for us because she enjoyed being sprayed. We also tried pennies in a can which was recommended by our vet but she thought that was a toy and ended up getting it and playing with it.