I had a shelter pit/lab mix.


I had a shelter pit/lab mix. He was food aggressive toward my cats and other dog, but had no problem with my hand in his dish. Lab’s are very food driven. Pits are naturally protective of their things.

He also growled at strangers but quickly accepted them. He seemed to be unsure about many things. He chewed through a LOT of toys too so buy the more expensive top quality ones (mydogtoy.com).

I had a hard time with Jericho because of his stubbornness too. I had to remind him often that I was the pack leader (which is a MUST with pitbulls!)

Definitely watch the food aggression. Jericho’s “little” problem that I avoided by feeding my 2 dogs several feet apart was his undoing. Long story short my at the time boyfriend was (not) watching him and he got into a scuffle with a giant schnauzer over a thanksgiving turkey that wasn’t being claimed or watched by any human pack leaders. Neither dog was hurt, but the other owner was angry. Just keep in mind the way a dog thinks. 🙂