I guess that I didnt really

Jenna and Lilly

I guess that I didnt really explain it well… She was one of the bigger puppies in the litter, and I’m not even sure of the father’s true size. Some people think that labs are humongous animals, but to someone that owns a mastiff they’re just average. And the breeders were ridiculous people anyhow. They were getting rid of the pups when they were 5 1/2 weeks old, they lived in a known drug area and the puppies were probaby going to end up with crack addicts. I wanted to take them all home with me… Lilly had worms so bad that if we wouldnt have dewormed her when she turned 6 weeks the vet said that she probably wouldnt have made it. She also had horrible fleas in the middle of an ohio winter which is pretty much unheard of. But anyhow, enough of my rant.

The vet said that she would continue to gain weight until about a year, even though most of her weight would come in the first 6 months… Regardless, I’ll love her no matter how big or small she ends up. She was 40 lbs at 5 months and I havent weighed her recently so Im not sure of her actual weight. I’ll have to weigh her tomorrow. lol.