I forgot one thing to tell

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I forgot one thing to tell you and this might happen if Athena hasn’t had a kong before. My male Ace had never had one either and I got him the larg size first and put treats in it and treats in Kira’s. Put them in their crates and went back to work. Well Ace had no Idea what to do with it and how the treats would come out so being the smart ass he is he ripped it unitl the hole got bigger and then the treats came out.LOL So I thought well maybe the bigger size will be better. I got the XL and it works better. Also the Black Kongs are more durable than the Red and they just started making these blue ones too that actually show up on x-rays if the dog eats it. She will love them trust me. Kira is so intense of a chewer no joke at all. I keep nyla bones in their crates while I’m at work all day. I let them out on my lunch hour and then when I get home in the evenings they go out, eat, then she grabs her bone and chews for hours. But her teeth are the cleanest teeth I have ever seen in a dog. You doesn’t have a speck of tartar.