I find that, if I go out the

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I find that, if I go out the door first and maintain a steady pace, Rosie walks well on leash. I try to keep her busy by changing our route, walking in the opposite direction, doing sit & stay drills, etc. If I keep her busy, she’s not looking for something else to do, so I’m taking charge instead of reacting to what she does. We still have issues when we meet up with people because she wants to greet everyone, but that’s getting better as she gets older (she’s 1 1/2). If she seems particularly energetic, we’ll play with her in the backyard before going for a walk. Although she does well on the leash, only my husband & I walk her. We don’t let our 11 year old daughter walk Rosie yet because, if Rosie sees a bunny, the best Hannah will be able to do is hold onto the leash and “waterski” through the yards.