I don’t know what kind of dog


I don’t know what kind of dog parks you guys go to, but they sound a lot different from our local one. There, all the dog owners talk amongst themselves, but they’ve always got an eye on their dogs.

Daisy, our Pit, is well known there – in a GREAT way. People ask what breed she is, we tell them, and they’re surprised because of how well she plays and how friendly she is with the owners. But you know, it’s opened a lot of eyes. Nobody leaves when she’s there, everyone accepts her. So I think socializing your Pit at a park is what you SHOULD do as an owner. Don’t keep your dog away, because THAT makes them look unfriendly. Let them interact, keep YOUR eye on your dog – and make sure your dog is TRAINED and dog-friendly. That’s the key, I think.

If you set the example by being responsible for your pet, people might take notice and pay more attention themselves. Stay close by and watch, the way you’d watch your kids playing at a park. Let’s give people something GOOD to talk about in the name of Pits.