I don’t know the background

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I don’t know the background on your dog, but it sounds a lot like he is protecting you from other dogs. This is common in many dogs, not just APBTs. Does he instigate the aggression or does it happen after the two dogs have sniffed one another? If it happens after the two have sniffed it could merely be that you have too much tension on the leash, and he is sensing that something is wrong. If it is before the problem may be a little more deeply rooted. Desensitization is probably your best option, but you’re going to have to find a trainer to do it for you, as i doubt there are many of your neighbors willing to let you use their dogs for the process. Until then, manage the situation, as a responsible pet owner. Purchase a muzzle for when you are in public.

Another option is static correction training – this is what it was original intended for, but i would still exhaust all other options first. When you are out in public, if you see the glint in your dogs eye that he is going to start the behavior use the appropriate level of static correction. Remember to use the collar appropriately and responsibly. Never leave it on him when you’re at home, and never use it if it’s not warranted.