I don’t know if your new to

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I don’t know if your new to pits but they are extreme chewers. My female Kira is my crazy chewer so I feel your pain. You sound like my mom when it comes to toys. She says that’s crazy to spend almost$ 20 on a toy. But if you add up the money you have to keep spending then it actually isn’t so bad to by the extreme chew toys. I understand you buy stuffed toys at garage sales but you can’t tell me it’s not a pain to have to constantly pick up the messes. I know first had it sucks. So I buy no stuffing animals only when they are on sale. One piece of advice from experience with the kong is my male Ace is 60bls and he destroyed the large size kong but does great with the xl one. Kira is 50lbs and she does great with the large one. Another great durable toy is the black nyla bone or the one that’s green in the middle and mint flavored. You can get those at Meijer for 12 bucks. If I can help anymore you can email me I’d be glad to help.