I don’t know for sure who


I don’t know for sure who this person specifically was targeting. It is true that more Pit Bull fighting rings are located in the inner city areas, however, I would not go as far as to say that there could not be a very happy, healthy and loving Pit amongst that!! Any race can raise a well-adjusted and loving Pit Bull. It’s your intentions that matter! If you educate yourself about the breed, and you WANT to raise your Pit correctly, you will do it. I was walking my Pit and had some idiot pull his car over and ask if he had a fighting bloodline. Mind you, I live in a very small town where you just don’t find many, if ANY minority races and this moron wanted to breed his female with my male and sell them for fighting. I quickly informed him that he was a complete idiot and that I was reporting him. I took down his plates and they DID get him and rescue the 2 dogs he already had. Ignorance is everywhere. I don’t believe it’s a race issue, it’s a common sense issue!