I don’t have many stories


I don’t have many stories about Spike yet. See, he found us, starved and  full of ticks. Very shy, but the hunger brought him to us. He has been with us for 2 month now, I could not find a good home for him, so he is staying I guess. I don’t know nothing about pit bulls, but I’m learning fast. I learned that Spike was abused, he has the scars to show and when we raise our voice or yell at the other dogs he runs. He does nothing wrong, I wish my other dog were so good behaved. One time I had to yell at him to calm him down, bad mistake. He was so scared, he peed himself. That was the last straw. Nobody is getting him. nobody will be good enought! He is a clown, teasing my lab with toys so that she will chase him and play. She does the same thing to him. When we play with him we have to bring 2 toys, he will not give up a toy unless we throw another one. He sleeps beside the bed where my husband sleeps, but he is always with me. He will have a good long life with us, who ever let him go was an idiot. this dog is the best, don’t people know they have feelings? Well, hopefully I will be able to post some stories of him down the road. For now he is happy to be loved and save.