I can’t speak for all pits,


I can’t speak for all pits, obviously, however, I can tell you that a pit being agressive towards children is the exception, not the rule.  I would guess that the pit you adopted was traumatized or not socialized appropriately as a puppy.  I have a 9, 7 and 6 year old and a 1 year old nephew.  My 70 lb, 1 year old pit is FANTASTIC with them.  Sometimes he gets a little bit excited and accidentally knocks them over, but,  as far as his temperment goes, I’ve never owned a better kids dog!!! Pitties have a high pain threshold.  They are VERY tollerant (as a GENERAL rule) to ear, leg and tail pulling etc.  They aren’t usually nippy and high strung like many smaller, less resilliant breeds can be.  I would say that you would would have excelent luck with a puppy.  Also, pits are very loyal and many people with special needs enjoy them because they add a sense of security, stability and stedfastness.  They are also very attentive to their owners’ needs, if trained properly.  Make sure you train her well. Also, be prepared for your children to have a life long “partner-in-crime!” 😉  Kaos goes EVERYWHERE our kids go (including down slides, to parades and swimming in the lake,) and he gets heart broken if he can’t.