i cant believe it but my 90

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i cant believe it but my 90 lb pit layed down in the street with my wife mostly,,same deal,,no matter how long,,,,screw ya,,im staying out attitude …and that look, i know it well..she knows u are to afraid to hurt her to really give it all u’ve got…..am i right…is her name jessie?..lol
i talked to a trainer who does lots of pits and the thing you need to do is use a nylon choker,,it looks thin but its a noose ,,,if under the head high on the neck properly she will not be able to pull if the lead is short…but in turn if you and her are walking on leash and she suddenly stops,,,there is a sure fire way…..keep walking like u never noticed…u wontbreak her..and if it really hurt, she would just get up,,,she knows u dont want to,,,,but think of a car coming too fast in comparison to a few feet of dragging….within 2 weeks maybe less than one if u do it every time,,,,like u didnt notice she stopped…look straight ahead and walk,,,no result pull like a sled dog, she is a pit and can hang from the same head holding their body weight,,,u wont break her,,,but u may just save her..