I can totally get your point.

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I can totally get your point. Most of my neighbors are ok with my dog only because he is great with all the kids. The only people that have seem to have a problem are the ones that keep ahold of the stereotype. They don’t even know him but don’t like him. Whatever. I read an article to day that says a man and his wife had a new baby and had to move because of the Pitties in their neighberhood. I was angry to say the least. So I wrote to the paper that posed it. I told them not to blame the dogs. They are only doing what they were taught. And to do some real reseach before they write something like that. People like that are why I have to chain my dog or keep him on a leash while other dog owners let their dogs roam. If more people would just get to know this speacial breed they might change their thoughts on them. I have a 7 yr old daughter and the are always together. Chance would never hurt her. He is an unreplaceable part of our family. I don’t care what poeple think. I will keep him and any others that need a home. Pit bulls are a wonderful breed and make loving companions. I’m in college and in my writing class I had to pick a subject and write a 1500 word essay. So I wrote about my favorite thing. Pitties. And myths and facts and stereotypes and truth. I just hope that maybe it will change some opinios once its posted. Cause I did a lot of research.