I appreciate those who had


I appreciate those who had helpful comments, for those who said I am an irrasponsible dog owner, kinda rude since you have no idea what kind of dog owner I am. I do not reply soley on Roby to protect my family, the job of sole protecor in my home lies with my husband but having a dog is helpful. Also if I wanted a chiuahwa I would have purchased one, smart ass comments are not neccasary. I was under the impression this was a place folks could ask for help from other dog owners, I had no idea I would be ridiculed or called irrasponible for asking a question.


Since I wrote this I have done a lot of research on this topic and, yes maturity plays a huge role in his protection insticts. After getting him fixed and vacinated I had asked what he was mixed with, because he has a structure a little different than any other pit I have owned and have found out my pit bull is a boxer/pit, which would account for his HUGENESS. at 8 months he weighs 65 lb! He starts training this week and I am excited to see how that goes. He already knows trhe basic commands, sit, lay, stay, paw…ect but chewing (or drop it) is becoming a serious problem, I believe he has chewed about 3 of my daughters barbie’s! She was not happy lol. and he has never taken to heel… he still likes to walk me. We have looked up loose leash walking but he is a stubborn little (big) guy. So we shall see what this training does.

Again thanks for all the helpful and positive comments, they are appreiciated.