I am sorry to hear about this


I am sorry to hear about this situation, but it sounds like you are not backing off of getting your pet out and about in the community, especially if only you and your husband can walk them at this point. That is the first step, to getting the dog out more for people to actually SEE that the dog is not “vicious,” as more often than not people think of pits. If you are able to help at least one person see how kind and loving your dog is, that is one more person on the “pits” side. 🙂 If you find it within yourself, I’d approach these neighbors and others who speak like this against your pet–I don’t know that I’d bring my pit along at the first meeting. But I know when I first just TOLD people that we were adopting a pit, esp. some at school (my co-workers) were like WHAT? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? I said, “Okay, first thing, not adopting BECAUSE he’s a pit, but because he was the MOST BEHAVED out of all the dogs we walked at the shelter.” And there will be some people whose minds you will NEVER change, which is unfortunate. They will never know the love a pit can give. That is their loss, not yours.