I AM SORRY THAT I AM COMMENTING ON THIS POST MONTHS LATER BUT I COULDNT RESIST! We had a lab/pit mix. I was about 6 when we got her. SHE WAS THE BEST DOG EVER! Very playful! Never had a problem with her being aggressive. My godbrother, a baby as the time, had to be watched because he would try climbing on her. She would only growl and move, never snapped or tried to bite anyone. BUT SHE WAS ALSO PROTECTIVE OF HER FAMILY IF SHE SENSED SOMETHING WAS WRONG! But after reassuring her we were okay, whatever the situation, she would back down. Everyone who came in contact with her loved her and some of them said they did not like dogs but would take her in a heartbeat! She passed away maybe 4 years ago now due to kidney failure. STILL MAKES MY MOM CRY TO THINK ABOUT HER! We have begged my parents for another dog, my sister and myself, and they said no, they dont want to be attached like that again. WELL MY MOM HAS FINALLY GIVEN IN! We are looking to get the same breed again! She too did go through the chewing everything phase but with proper training, she did stop! I have started the search today and can not wait to find a new little one!