I am sorry for you Armywife

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I am sorry for you Armywife you have an accident waiting to happen…..I do have a really strong bond with my dog and BullyPaws is a rescue and they know a whole lot more about the breed then you give them credit for. I have met them many times and been to several of their addoptions. Now I have had these dogs sense my dad had them when he was little in Mississippi before moving to VA. That being said the most dangerous owner of these dogs is the one who is blind to what these dogs can do when put in a situation…like a dogpark. I suggest you check out Diane Jessups site as well as read some of Richard Strattons books hard to find, but they are out there if you really wanna understand the breed…these are not labs or poodles they require work. did you watch the episode where ceaser millan put to pits together and they locked on to each other??? I really hope you read those books and do some research I don’t want to lose my right to keep my dog because I read about another inccident.