I am so tired of the media


I am so tired of the media hyping up all the Pit Bull stories. There are 100’s of dog attacts that occur everyday, but for some reason the media only likes to show the ones involving pit bulls. Why not cover ALL breads, and leave these dogs alone. The puplic would not fear these dogs soo much, if the dogs werent shown to be such “killers”. Its almost like they are tryin to brain wash everyone into thinking these dogs are completely mean! in my opinion its just a bunch of garbage. Any dog can be mean and aggressive, but you dont see people jumping out of the way when a golden retriever or black lab walk down the street. when i walk my 2 dogs, people grab ahold of their kids, pick them up, and get completely off the sidewalk. its terrible, because my dogs love to play with kids, so of course when they see one, they want to walk up to it and play! they dont understand why people are running away from them. Its Terrible!!! i really hope one day, things will change and these dogs can be allowed back into society, and stop being feared!