I am going through a court

Yoshi Sr.

I am going through a court battle right now where people in the neighborhood have told my landlord that my german shepard/pitbull mix is chasing and biting people around the neighborhood! I have been following all the laws and i have had my dog on a leash at all times and he has never once tried to hurt anyone! I live here in WV and many people do not like pittbulls, because they have said that the only two people that own pitts are people that are cowards or drug dealers! Well i am proud to say that i am neither, but those words came from the judge that is trying our case! I just wished that i could prove that to him that not all pitts or german shepherd are not bad! He just seems like he has a one track mind! His neice has gotten bitten by a pitt and now he thinks that all pitts are bad! Does anyone have websites or any other info that they can think of to try to change his mind?