I am glad to see somebody


I am glad to see somebody taking an unbias stance in this debate.  I agree with you on the naughty owner/naughty, provoking jogger theory.  It is true that sometimes dogs just bite, for whatever reason seemed good to them at the time, and it’s not a breed specific thing.  However, I would caution you to do your research well, as it seems you are.  Lack if evidence is not proof of anything.  Not all dog bites/attacks are reported in the news.  Reporters are after sensationalized, reader-grabbing, paper-selling stories.  Not one about a poodle that bit a child.  Unfortunatelly, as far as your query, I am but a lowly expert on my dogs alone.  I am afraid that your quest for unslanted view points may not be best met on this web site.  We are here because we love our pits, not to be unbiased and objective. If I were you, I would do a web search for experts on animal, specifically canine, behavior and see if anybody is available for a chat.  Universities provide a wealth of information, and if you can get ahold of somebody who specializes in the animal behavior field it would look very nice in an article.  If you have a facebook page you could also look up the site, Bless the Bullys.  They have published a couple articles lately that you may find interesting, including one about dog bite statistics in areas that support BSL. However, I would stay away from government agencies for anything other than area-specific stats.  Unfortunatelly, government agencies can be the worst for taking sides in politically charged debates.  In fact, in one county, I won’t mention specific names, the gentleman in charge of the animal shelter was fired for failure to comply with training requirements.  This particular gentleman had enacted a policy that barred the shelter from accepting or adopting out any dog with “pit bull” like features (another article published on Bless the Bullys.)  At any rate, I wish you luck and I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.  Just out of curiosity, since all these attacks were in the same area, within a short amount of time, have you looked into the possibility of these dogs being from the same blood lines?