I am glad I found this site.


I am glad I found this site.  We were looking for a dog.  My daughter and husband fell in love with a shelter pit/lab mix that is bout a year old.  We are on “trial” adoption and have the dog at home.  He is the sweetest and has been super well behaved and seems like he has always been here.  Here is the BUT-I know pits can be great super dogs AND I am very nervous about the stories I hear about these super great pits and then at some random point down the line they snap and either hurt someone else or someone in the family.  I know all dogs have this potential, but I worry about the pits greater potential for this and then to not be able to stop them because of their strength.  I have two kids.  One will dominate the dog no problem and the other will do everything he shouldn’t like run screaming in fear.


Parents of kids who have had pit/labs long term please let me know your experiences!!