I am a veterinary tech,


I am a veterinary tech, obedience trainer for obedience,search & rescue,disabled people and k-9s,public speaker/k-9 educator,plus animal behaviorist.
I agree with you on being a responsible dog owner (which goes for any breed)! I do completly hold parents responsible of child who climbs over a fence to climb in with dogs. Just as well as the owners why were the parents not watching the child?
I do say that as a parent,pit owner,german shepherd owner & daschaund owner! I am shocked at a variety of posts I have read a few of such as labs are not agressive… Now for most part that is a breed not known for agression but,professionally I have
Delt with many agressive labs!!!!
My small dog will also try to attack my large german shepherd, whose head is as big as her whole body,b/c I tell people most dogs are nothing more than a big dog trapped in a little dogs body!
Several years ago your #1 biting dog was a dalmation,the cute lovable spotted fire house mascot.
See pics of my dogs on facebook you can look up by email [email protected]
Or christy kelley northport,al!!