I am a responsible owner, and

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I am a responsible owner, and I’m familiar with the breed. Thank you BigRedTJ for your concern, but I certainly don’t need you to feel sorry for me. I did my research, and that’s why I got her. I picked the shyest, quietest puppy in the litter because I knew she’d have a great temperament. I’m aware that they were bred to hunt, to have an instinct to lock on and not let go. I am well aware that if she wanted to, my dog could literally EAT another dog. But she’s never in a situation where she feels the need to. Taking her to the dog park isn’t a “situation”. When another dog gets crazy she looks at me (literally) for guidance. I’m her pack leader and she waits for me to make a move in every situation of our day to day lives. That said, I am always on the look out for problems. ALWAYS! I am one step ahead of her at all times when we are out in public because it is my job to see an issue before it’s an issue. I know that. I have removed her from a dog park once because another dog was making her nervous. I have leashed her at a dog park once because she was playing too rough with a puppy. I know her limits and her body language; I know the look in her eye when she sees something I haven’t, and in these situations I correct her immediately. I don’t appreciate you accusing me of risking your ability to own a pitbull. That’s just rude. I also don’t appreciate you telling me that I haven’t done my research, because I have. I also have a degree in Animal Behavior Management, and have worked at dog training facilities. If I can train a hyena, bobcat, raccoon, etc to trust me and obey me(which I have) then I’m pretty sure I have what it takes to own a pitbull. But thanks so much for your concern…