I am a 2 pit mom! Older dogs


I am a 2 pit mom!

Older dogs almost always take in pups with no trouble. I found that if your current dog is rather well behaved to start with, and you get a pup, the pup will learn from the older dog. Yami really kept Zelda in line when we brought her home to him. I’d suggest that you adopt a female dog so there is less risk of same sex spats. As for that “double trouble” buy crates for your dogs, as long as you dont put them in there as punishment, they wont mind being in there while you are away. My dogs will willingly go to their crate to sleep and such all by themselves. Also, because he is getting into the garbage i would crate him. Zelda consumed a plastic bottle that got stuck in her system and ripped her intestine and stomach all up, it cost us almost 2,000$ to save her. I’d hate to see that happen to anyone!