I agree, your dog is probably

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I agree, your dog is probably bored and having a young pit and a newborn baby myself, I know just how hectic it can be. Try looking into a dog park that you may have in your area. I don’t have the time to play and give my dog exercise so I just try to take him to the park once a week maybe every two weeks and it works wonders. It lets him release energy that he has been saving up and it also helps him socialize with other dogs which is extremely important since most pits are known to be dog aggressive if not socialized.

as far as the chewing, I think that’s a problem that all pits have. My baby boy has chewed through EVERYTHING listed here haha. The almost indestructable ball, the nylabone, the Kong, everything. Although, I am definitley going to give the boomerball a try.

Just try not to stress out too much. I can see how much you love your dogs and I respect the fact that your sticking to it regardless of his behavioral issues, when most would just take it to the pound instantly (mainly why you find so many pits and all kinds of dogs in the pound). Although, I sincerely do think that you may want to look into finding him another owner who can put in the time and effort that he needs as far as training and exercise goes because it seems that you may be a bit overwhelmed. I know how hard its going to be to even think about it, but don’t just throw the option out of the window. I hope everything works out for you