I agree, you should


I agree, you should absolutely approach the owners with a very mellow attitude.  However, if they are ureceptive, it’s all about documentation.  Start recording when and for how long you hear the dogs barking.  Either take clips of it on your cell, or just consistantly write the information down.  Do this for a week or two then, talk to your local law enforcement or animal control and present your evidence.  If you suspect abuse or neglect you can do the same thing.  It sounds silly that written evidence has more weight than your word, but it means that you have put the time and effort in to accurately track the problem behavior.  This is how we got custody of my kids, too 🙂  They will be given warnings and your name will be kept out of it.  If you continue to hear the barking, do the same thing and call in again with your evidence.  It’s a little time consuming, but in the end, much more effective than just calling and complaining.