I agree with you. I never


I agree with you. I never leave our puppy outside unattended, and don’t plan to when she is an adult. We take the time to socialize her to with kids, adults, and other dogs, but whenever we do so we always watch her. She met our friend’s kids for the first time the other night and I made sure to never leave them unattended because even though she is very friendly, I have seen those kids wrestle and jump on top of their dog, I don’t want her to end up being punished because she thought she was protecting herself, because they think they can do that to a dog. I even spoke to the kids before letting them meet her on how to treat a dog the right way. There was an incident in our town not too long ago where a baby was “eaten by a pit bull”…where were the parents, they were showering together…I am not happy that their child was “eaten”, but who leaves their infant in their living room completely unattended with any breed of dog? It is people that make poor decisions, something happens involving their dogs, and then people say that breed is vicious. Keep up the good work you are doing!