I agree with “i love my


I agree with “i love my pitbull.”  My dog is a bad daddy’s boy, till daddy gets upset or he gets his feelings hurt, then it’s my turn to hold him on my lap and wipe his tears! 🙂  However, Brinks adjusting to life with only one love is much better than the alternative!  It helps that you are the primary caregiver so that his routine will be disrupted as little as possible.  I would just say keep him entertained and busy so he doesn’t get bored and lonely and chew your furniture.  He’ll adjust, but be ready for a needy puppy!  Pits have LOTS of love and if they don’t have multiple people to share it with, hope you have a big bed, becuase you’ll get ALL the love and he’ll want to cuddle (and steel your pillow!)  My dog has a full time mommy and daddy and two kids to play with and he’s still clingy.