I agree.  We live a


I agree.  We live a hop-skip-and-jump away from Denver, Co.  I am trying to find a way to start a Pit advocacy group in my home town to try and counteract the negative propoganda that is a result of the BSL in place there.  Kaos is very well socialized, but I constantly look for any posturing or aviodance body language.  I think as responsible Pit owners we have to admit that we have a large responsibility.  Our animals are very powerful and have the capabilities of causing an extreme amount of damage and we need to be mindful of our duties becuase if any one of our beloved animals were to be involved in a fight, even if they weren’t at fault, it will have such horrible results for our breed.  What I don’t get is why poodle owners don’t feel the same need to be mindful of their dogs!!!  So what it their dog isn’t as big as my dog, I don’t want a poodle attacking me!  In fact, one of our relatives was very against us getting a Pit becuse of the kids.  Two weeks after we got Kaos, her poodle, that she’s had for 11 years, bit my daughter on the face becuase she was rolling on the ground trying to play with one of the dogs toys.  We have told our daughter not to pester Bouncer becuase he’s not like Kaos, he doesn’t like little girls playing with his toys.  She was being a kid and was just trying to play fetch with the dog, but I just have to wonder that this person (one of my kids’ grandmothers) could justify scolding my daughter for not leaving her dog alone when my kid had 4 puncture marks on her face!  My Pit tries to THROW his toys at her to get her to play.  Tell me which one should be kept away from my kids!!!!