I agree that the obvious

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I agree that the obvious thing is the golfer issue! He actually was in his flip flops and the golfer was in cleets. She reacts all the time now with him bare foot, tennis shoes, in the house, out in the yard. As for the Private property, we actually live on the golf course and we can not even have a fence, because idiot golfers who suck at their game have to be able to have access to their balls. So no my HOA will not allow me to put a private property sign in the yard *good thought though*. 

She was fine on the porch with me last night, and even with him sitting in the patio chair she was ok she sat next to him but as soon as he got up she started to eye him. I am going to try taking her out front into our LITTLE patch of grass and see if having Hubby walk across the parking lot where she can see him makes a difference.

As for the Bully Rescues I have not heard back from any of the ones I have reached out to, which is kinda getting depressing. I am trying not to lose hope cause I love this little girl and really want to keep her!