I agree it is the dogs job


I agree it is the dogs job sorrta to let you know when someone is coming to his home. I’have one APBT that has only barked-growled once. it was late at night. And that night she was going crazy, running up and down the stairs barking with that hair curling bark, all night. So I’m thinking something was going on that she didn’t like. On the other hand I just adopted Archie, which is a Stratfordshire Pit Bull and at first he didn’t want to be around anyone, and he sleeps with me so needless to say everynight he woke me up barking and growling. Well, each week I let him get to know someone new, and some of that barking is going away. I think????he was just nervous. I keep telling him he doesn’t have to do that anymore, he just could be a reg. dog if he wants. He still barks and growls a bit…but he is learning not to wake me up. Now that hes getting to know lots of people well he wants to be a normal dog one that plays eats (everything) and has lots of friends.