I agree, i always welcome

go ask alice

I agree, i always welcome people to come and pet my dog considering its good socializing skills but it really bugs me when people let there 5 year old kids run up to my dog and try and pick her up. i always politely tell them thats not a very respectful way to greet someone elses dog considering it freaks her right out and if she did happen to be aggressive then they could get seriously injured.

I have actually thought of getting her a backpack like that, its a really good way in preventing this sorta thing from happening.

Im always up for educating someone about pitbulls or letting them pet Alice, i love introducing her to new people. But i do agree, people with puppies have it the hardest because people think just because there young, it means they like to be held and talked to like a baby, but thats definatly not the case, im looking forward to these puppy monthes to be over, i definately enjoy them right now, but i cant wait for her to be a full grown, perfect example of how pitbulls make perfect family dogs!