I agree. Going right up to


I agree. Going right up to an unknown dog and getting in its face, talking baby talk, and many other things is just wrong. Many dogs don’t take to strangers well (even if they love people) and bad things could happen.

I have been lucky that most people ask to pet Kayla, and I always thank them for doing so. Though, she has a backpack that she wears a lot of places that has patches that say “I am friendly! ASK to pet me!”. That helps. Most people think that she is a service dog (therapy dog in training), so they leave her alone, but will strike up a conversation and ask to pet her.

Puppy owners have it the worst I think! Everyone seems to love a puppy. Sadly, I am one of a handful who just isn’t a puppy person. Yes they are cute, but I am partial to the adults.