I adopted Raisin from the

raisins mom

I adopted Raisin from the shelter and he is very shy around people he does not know. When we walk at night he can be aggressive esp towards men. During the day he does more of a velcro sticks to me and doesn’t move. I was really lucky to find out our SPCA does dog training so I enrolled him in class where they are helping him get better w/ people. During daylight he does not nip or bark but he when they tried to walk him he would plant himself and not move. So we introduced chickn, hot dogs, the dog food you buy rolled up in a tube. When they approach him they come in w/ their side facing him and look down as they squat and offer him the food. I have started saying friend when he meets people and I carry dog treats and have the people give him the food. So far he is getting better. Maybe have your friends come help you? Also try and contact your local SPCA or shelter, they often have great resources and are willing to help. = )