I adopted my pit a while ago,

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I adopted my pit a while ago, or better he adopted us. I have a daughter that is getting rid off most he stuffed animals, most of them are good toys for the dogs ( I also have 2 labs) I bet lots aft them are available at yardssales. I never had a pit and did not know how destructive they get if they don’t get the exercise, until he started to “eat”my bed.LOL. I got some toys for my labs that have been around for a long time and Spike likes them but for some reason don’t destroy them, BUT yeah here it comes and I bet everybody knew a but was coming.

since I have not the time to take him on long walks, I go out in the backyard with 2 frisbees. I have to have 2 because he woun’t give it up for me to trow again and if I try to take it, it turnes into a battle between us. Sure he destroys the frisbees, but I get a few day out of them and they are not that expensive (cheaper then a new bed) When I went to the dollar store I found I guess frisbee rings? Its like a frisbee with a hole in the middle. It war soooo funny. we went out to play and them things can fly! they are really flixible and I thought maybe the will last a bit longer.What was I thinking?LOL. But I got such a good laught out of it that it was worth the money. So, he goes and fetches the ring, he has to chew it while he is walking, here the thing flippes up and over his head, now he had a halo! lol. he tried to get it off, but he trew it up and it came down and around his mouth. omg I was laughting. A pit with a halo, who would have thought!