How sweet! I happen to be a

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How sweet! I happen to be a the neighborhood dog park so I know how wonderful it is to be able to see all the dogs play together. I too got my latest pit unexpectedly. The breeder had a terrible accident and tore her ACL and was unable to care for the adults let alone the pups. Momma dog was begining to show sighns of mental break and was refusing and even becoming aggressive over food. There living situation quickly went from a community of pits to a caged fiasco. My poor chevy arrived at my door 2 weeks after christmas with his breeders in tears. they didnt know what to do and couldnt find a home for 2 of the pups. Nor could they take proper care of them. He was covered in fecies up to his neck and so hungry he choked down his first bowl of food almost gaggin on all of it. He had been bottle fed for the last week or two before weening due to the mothers behavior and was clearly neglected. I could do nothing more then grab my children and start the bath. He as about 6-8 weeks old at this time. Now he is 9 months old weighing in at 52lbs and is a energetic bundle of joy! I am so glad we took him and so happy to wathc the transformations he and my children have gone through. My son was deathly affraid of dogs. Now he just wants to cuddly with his doggy!

So wonderful to meet you!