how does he act if you take

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how does he act if you take him somewhere like a park where he sees other people? try taking him out and walking him more, and doing excersizes like making him sit and hold him while someone approaches, making him feel safe but scolding him when he starts barking as another park goer passes, then treat rewards. people will probably look at him like they’re terrified, but people seem to do that to pits at parks anyways. also, definitely taking him out with you whenever possible will help him see your interaction with other humans, like to the grocery store or gas station. the more he goes out and rides around, the more his anxiety should certainly subside. when your friends and fam come visit, try restraining him enough so that they can give him little munchies, or get down to his level. he’ll definitely have to see that visitors aren’t coming to do bad things before he feels better. it’ll probably freak some people out that don’t know your dog like you do, but its just part of the process=[ im having to do the same thing right now because my dog has suddenly decided that only a select few people can enter my house, haha.